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Introduction post!

Hey guys : D new member! Figured I'd introduce myself

 Name: Panda

You Identify as: Queer/genderqueer/pangender/anything and everything

Preferred Pronouns: It honestly doesn't bother me at all

Favourite item of clothing: Baggy baggy hoodies and tour tees

Favourite topic of conversation: Music, videogames, GENDDEERRRRR, piercings/tattoos/body mods

Hobbies: Being pierced, drawing, playing videogames, sleeping, procrastinating, pandas etcetc

Here's a picture for you lovely lovely people!

I pull really lovely faces sometimes.

Pride Adventures

So it was Brighton Pride at the weekend. I manned up, wore my binder and hung out with my boyfriend. I used men's toilets without worry and danced a lot and basically spent the day being a big fag lol. My cis male housemate dressed up in a cute dress and went as a goth chick and apparently got his butt groped many times.

It was a great experience and the first Pride I've been to in a while. It was nice to go somewhere where I could walk around as me without feeling uncomfortable or without fear.

Anyone else been to or going to a Pride even this year?


Timid little newblet~

Name: I pretty much go by Gnome online. I sort of like how gender-neutral it is compared to my given name - Amanda.

You Identify as: Terrified. Haha, I know, funny right? But the truth is, I really... am uncertain. I'm biologically female, and I enjoy it (more or less)! But I would like nothing more than to live as a man for a day - or maybe five! It may sound weird, but I think what I really want is to be both/neither.

Preferred Pronouns: None! She's fine, but I've cross-played online for years now, and I glee whenever I'm mistaken for a guy IRL.

Favourite item of clothing: Guy shorts. I would give anything to be able to run around in just a pair of baggy shorts without being... you know... afraid of other people. >_>

Favourite topic of conversation: Sex! :D Isn't it everyone's favorite topic? No? Well, I also like robots, foreign languages, and people. I'll talk about anything, really.

Hobbies: Role-playing is one of my favorite things. I'm normally a shy, "ohgoddon'tlookatme" sort of person, and RP is a great way to just- escape myself. I've done it mostly online, and mostly as a male, and I would like to sort of... take it to real life, someday. Otherwise, I'm a crappy artist/writer thing, and I'm really into music. I can't sing for beans, but I try, and I like to play RockBand a lot.

the "I can't even look at you" routine

So a while back I tried to kill myself and lost a lot of blood and had to go into surgery to stop the bleeding and was committed because of it- it's kindof a long story.

So I'm in the mental hospital and one day one of the other patient's parents visit. They were sitting there at one of the tables across the room while I was trying to make a card-castle and the father... oh the father.

Anyone of you ever get the "I can't even look at you" routine? You know, when someone is so absolutely disgusted by you that they have to make it as obvious as possible that they can't even look at you.

Well the father of the family was totally giving me the "I can't even look at you" routine. Really mate? even in a fucking mental hospital? I'm here partially because of the hospitality of people like you, thanks man.

Geeze, that pissed me off so much. I haven't mentioned that event to anyone, made me really angry.

Some queer rage

So A while ago I posted a thread asking for advice on a binder in a trans/queer fetlife group. I said that I had quite reasonabley sized boobs because they're not small and I didn't want to be too blatant about the fact so as not to make anyone feel bad or trigger anyone's body issues. Most people got this fact and were extremely helpful in their advice but this morning I received this reply:

"What does "quite reasonably sized" in this context mean? If you're as slender as I've gathered from your photo, anything bigger than a C-cup on your frame would probably looks superfluous, and thus unreasonable.


• adjective 1 fair and sensible. 2 as much as is appropriate or fair; moderate. 3 fairly good; average.

— DERIVATIVES reasonableness noun reasonably adverb."

Now I understand that the first part was just wanting clarification and if the poster had left it at the first sentence, this would have been fine and I would have explained. The second sentence, however, was crushing. I am a FF so apparently my boobs are unreasonable for my size (apart from the fact they fit my frame perfectly) and this made me feel even more rubbish about myself. I have a love hate relationship with my boobs. Sometimes I quite like them and other times I wish I could cut them off. Naturally I told this person exactly where they could go but the fact remains, the words hurt and make me want a binder even more now and like my boobs even less.

Fuck you buddy you fucking ass hat. You're a shit eyed cunt.

No love


Gay Bob

Might be a little OT, but I thought people here would appreciate this ad from the 70's.


How do you feel about being stuck under the trans umbrella? I get it a lot and the LGBT thing annoys me. Would it be so hard to stick a Q on the end? Anyway, I don't like having a label that I'm not forced upon me. I identify as queer, not trans.

Your thoughts?


Apr. 11th, 2010

Name:  Oh man, I don't know yet. I want to change my given female name but don't know what to, so call me Alex for now :D

You Identify as:
Openly bisexual, fairly closeted pan. People who know me just think I'm kind of boyish. But I like dresses sometimes.

Preferred Pronouns:
she, her, etc., for now.

Favourite item of clothing:
purple veldskoene :D :D they are amazing purple leather shoes.

Favourite topic of conversation:
music, literature, the world (as in, about other cultures, countries, etc.)

booksbooksbooks! I loove reading. painting, drawing, going to museums.

So glad I found this comm! it seems like a pretty sweet place.



I made this video recently about periods and asking how GQ/Non binary peeps felt about having one if you are female bodied. So I thought I'd pose the question here too.


This is me ^_^

Do feel free to post your own pic up.
Me on a girly day.

I like this idea for us to post pictures. It's nice to put a face to a name!
me+bath tub+camera=picture of me in a bath tub

I'd like to see pictures of you people. If you have a camera- take a picture!!


HI ! I'm new here!
I consider myself genderqueer and androgynous. or at least i just don't like the idea of gender in general. the gender binary that is. i try to stay away from labels in general, whether it is sexuality or gender identity or whatever. but it gets confusing and I get really stressed out, especially how no one takes me seriously.
So i am excited to find this community.

Name: Zannah but i'm changing it

You Identify as: GQ or anti gender or androgynous

Preferred Pronouns: they...but i dont really care

Favourite item of clothing: skinny pants in bright colors

Favourite topic of conversation: veganism, religion, spirituality, mental health, art, music, theater, film

Hobbies: hebrew, classical piano, screwing with my hair

Mar. 21st, 2010

Went to a movie last night with a friend. We were to meet eachother there and I was the first one to arrive. So I'm sitting there on the stoop of the place and I over-hear some kids talking about whether I'm a girl or a boy- so for whatever reason I go up to them and ask them the time, they all snickered a bit when I started talking-- fucking kids. So I sat back down and waited a bit more. Finally my friend arrived with her great big smile, which made me feel a lot better. Stupid fucking little kids, it's always some sort of bet to people what gender I am, that always pisses me off a little. It's like they can't get passed my ambiguous gender and end-up making a demented game out of it instead


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